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Each of these six chapters, sometimes called the  Marriage Tales,  and the  Prologue  from Chaucer's  Canterbury Tales  is accompanied by mp3 files of Richard Leed reading the text. The text itself is presented in a readable phonemic transcription of Middle English.To play the audio, click the links in the text that are marked "Disk" enclosed in the blue boxes.

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From the Canterbury Tales:
The Marriage Tales
St. Paul on Sex and Marriage stpaul.pdf


The references to "Disk 1", "Disk 2" , etc. in the text are to the compact disks, along with their track numbers, that were created when this edition was first made. If you want to make CDs of your own, you can arrange the files in the same pattern and they will fit on a standard CD.
To preview and/or download the audio files to your computer, click the blue links below.

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Disk One, file 001   cant-prolg-1-001.mp3
Disk One, file 002   cant-prolg-1-002.mp3
Disk One, file 003   cant-prolg-1-003.mp3
Disk One, file 004   cant-prolg-1-004.mp3
Disk One, file 005   cant-prolg-1-005.mp3
Disk One, file 006   cant-prolg-1-006.mp3
Disk One, file 007   cant-prolg-1-007.mp3
Disk One, file 008   cant-prolg-1-008.mp3
Disk One, file 009   cant-prolg-1-009.mp3
Disk One, file 010   cant-prolg-1-010.mp3
Disk One, file 011   cant-prolg-1-011.mp3
Disk One, file 012   cant-prolg-1-012.mp3
Disk One, file 013   cant-prolg-1-013.mp3
Disk One, file 014   cant-prolg-1-014.mp3
Disk One, file 015   cant-prolg-1-015.mp3
Disk One, file 016   cant-prolg-1-016.mp3
Disk One, file 017   cant-prolg-1-017.mp3
Disk One, file 018   cant-prolg-1-018.mp3
Disk One, file 019   cant-prolg-1-019.mp3
Disk One, file 020   cant-prolg-1-020.mp3
Disk One, file 021   cant-prolg-1-021.mp3
Disk One, file 022   cant-prolg-1-022.mp3
Disk One, file 023   cant-prolg-1-023.mp3
Disk One, file 024   cant-prolg-1-024.mp3
Disk One, file 025   cant-wife-1-025.mp3
Disk One, file 026   cant-wife-1-026.mp3
Disk Two, file 001   cant-wife-2-001.mp3
Disk Two, file 002   cant-wife-2-002.mp3
Disk Two, file 003   cant-wife-2-003.mp3
Disk Two, file 004   cant-wife-2-004.mp3
Disk Two, file 005   cant-wife-2-005.mp3
Disk Two, file 006   cant-wife-2-006.mp3
Disk Two, file 007   cant-wife-2-007.mp3
Disk Two, file 008   cant-wife-2-008.mp3
Disk Two, file 009   cant-wife-2-009.mp3
Disk Two, file 010   cant-wife-2-010.mp3
Disk Two, file 011   cant-wife-2-011.mp3
Disk Two, file 012   cant-wife-2-012.mp3
Disk Two, file 013   cant-wife-2-013.mp3
Disk Two, file 014   cant-wife-2-014.mp3
Disk Two, file 015   cant-wife-2-015.mp3
Disk Two, file 016   cant-wife-2-016.mp3
Disk Two, file 017   cant-wife-2-017.mp3
Disk Two, file 018   cant-wife-2-018.mp3
Disk Three , file 001   cant-friar-3-001.mp3
Disk Three , file 002   cant-friar-3-002.mp3
Disk Three , file 003   cant-friar-3-003.mp3
Disk Three , file 004   cant-friar-3-004.mp3
Disk Three , file 005   cant-friar-3-005.mp3
Disk Three , file 006   cant-friar-3-006.mp3
Disk Three , file 007   cant-friar-3-007.mp3
Disk Three , file 008   cant-friar-3-008.mp3
Disk Three , file 009   cant-sumnr-3-009.mp3
Disk Three , file 010   cant-sumnr-3-010.mp3
Disk Three , file 011   cant-sumnr-3-011.mp3
Disk Three , file 012   cant-sumnr-3-012.mp3
Disk Three , file 013   cant-sumnr-3-013.mp3
Disk Three , file 014   cant-sumnr-3-014.mp3
Disk Three , file 015   cant-sumnr-3-015.mp3
Disk Three , file 016   cant-sumnr-3-016.mp3
Disk Three , file 017   cant-sumnr-3-017.mp3
Disk Three , file 018   cant-sumnr-3-018.mp3
Disk Four, file 001   cant-clerk-4-001.mp3
Disk Four, file 002   cant-clerk-4-002.mp3
Disk Four, file 003   cant-clerk-4-003.mp3
Disk Four, file 004   cant-clerk-4-004.mp3
Disk Four, file 005   cant-clerk-4-005.mp3
Disk Four, file 006   cant-clerk-4-006.mp3
Disk Four, file 007   cant-clerk-4-007.mp3
Disk Four, file 008   cant-clerk-4-008.mp3
Disk Four, file 009   cant-clerk-4-009.mp3
Disk Four, file 010   cant-clerk-4-010.mp3
Disk Four, file 011   cant-clerk-4-011.mp3
Disk Four, file 012   cant-clerk-4-012.mp3
Disk Four, file 013   cant-clerk-4-013.mp3
Disk Four, file 014   cant-clerk-4-014.mp3
Disk Four, file 015   cant-clerk-4-015.mp3
Disk Four, file 016   cant-clerk-4-016.mp3
Disk Four, file 017   cant-clerk-4-017.mp3
Disk Four, file 018   cant-clerk-4-018.mp3
Disk Four, file 019   cant-clerk-4-019.mp3
Disk Four, file 020   cant-clerk-4-020.mp3
Disk Five, file 001   cant-clerk-5-001.mp3
Disk Five, file 002   cant-merch-5-002.mp3
Disk Five, file 003   cant-merch-5-003.mp3
Disk Five, file 004   cant-merch-5-004.mp3
Disk Five, file 005   cant-merch-5-005.mp3
Disk Five, file 006   cant-merch-5-006.mp3
Disk Five, file 007   cant-merch-5-007.mp3
Disk Five, file 008   cant-merch-5-008.mp3
Disk Five, file 009   cant-merch-5-009.mp3
Disk Five, file 010   cant-merch-5-010.mp3
Disk Five, file 011   cant-merch-5-011.mp3
Disk Five, file 012   cant-merch-5-012.mp3
Disk Five, file 013   cant-merch-5-013.mp3
Disk Five, file 014   cant-merch-5-014.mp3
Disk Five, file 015   cant-merch-5-015.mp3
Disk Five, file 016   cant-merch-5-016.mp3
Disk Five, file 017   cant-merch-5-017.mp3
Disk Six, file 001   cant-merch-6-001.mp3
Disk Six, file 002   cant-merch-6-002.mp3
Disk Six, file 003   cant-merch-6-003.mp3
Disk Six, file 004   cant-merch-6-004.mp3
Disk Six, file 005   cant-zfrank-6-005.mp3
Disk Six, file 006   cant-zfrank-6-006.mp3
Disk Six, file 007   cant-zfrank-6-007.mp3
Disk Six, file 008   cant-zfrank-6-008.mp3
Disk Six, file 009   cant-zfrank-6-009.mp3
Disk Six, file 010   cant-zfrank-6-010.mp3
Disk Six, file 011   cant-zfrank-6-011.mp3
Disk Six, file 012   cant-zfrank-6-012.mp3
Disk Six, file 013   cant-zfrank-6-013.mp3
Disk Six, file 014   cant-zfrank-6-014.mp3
Disk Six, file 015   cant-zfrank-6-015.mp3
Disk Six, file 016   cant-zfrank-6-016.mp3
Disk Six, file 017   cant-zfrank-6-017.mp3
Disk Six, file 018   cant-zfrank-6-018.mp3
Disk Six, file 019   cant-zfrank-6-019.mp3
Disk Six, file 020   cant-zfrank-6-020.mp3
Disk Six, file 021   cant-zfrank-6-021.mp3

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