Shakespeare portrait

Shakespeare Scanned

The plays in visual pentameter
Plus works by others

Chaucer cut to 156 wide


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Unfit to Print:
A selection of Dick Leed's letters
A History of the Organization of Language Teaching in the DML(L) var-dmll-hist.pdf
Pronouncing Places and People
in English History
Witches and Salem var-salem.pdf
Our Mennonite Heritage var-mennon.pdf
A Memoir: Ada M. Leed var-ada-leed.pdf
Grandpa's Diary: 1878–1879 (Part 1) var-grandpa-1.pdf
Grandpa's Diary: 1878–1879 (Part 2) var-grandpa-2.pdf
Grandpa's Diary: 1878–1879 (Part 3) var-grandpa-3.pdf
Grandpa's Diary: 1878–1879 (Part 4) var-grandpa-4.pdf
The Big Family: A memoir var-bigfam.pdf