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Richard L. Leed

Lititz Public School 1947; Oberlin BA 1954; Cornell PhD in Slavic Linguistics 1958.
1994— Professor of Linguistics, Emeritus, Cornell University
1968—1994 Professor of Linguistics, Cornell University
1964—1968 Associate Professor of Linguistics, Cornell University
1958—1964 Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Cornell University
1955—1957 Instructor, U. S. Air Force Language Program at Cornell
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1965 "A Contrastive Analysis of Russian and English Intonation Contours", SEEJ 9:1.
1966 "A Phonemic Interpretation of the g/γ isogloss in Great Russian", CJL 11:2.
1968 "The Intonation of Yes-No Questions in Serbo-Croatian", SEEJ 12:3.
1970 "Distinctive Features and Analogy", Lingua 26:1-24.
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1987 Computer Exercises to accompany Beginning Russian, Exceller Software.
1987 Advanced Russian, 2nd revised edition, Slavica Publishers (with A. Nakhimovsky).
1988 What I Saw, by Boris Zhitkov, edited by R. Leed and L. Paperno, Slavica Publishers
1988 "Vocabulary Words in Elementary Russian Textbooks", SEEJ 32.2.
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2008 Advanced Russian by Sophia Lubensky et al., editor.
Positions held at Cornell:
Head, Russian Language Program (1958—1991), Chairman, Department of Modern languages and Linguistics (1977—1981), Director, Language and Phonetics laboratories (1971—1982), Chairman, Joint Committee on Language Programs (1968—1971), Chairman, Committee on Soviet Studies (1971—72), Graduate Field Representative for Slavic Studies (various years), Director, English for Soviet Teachers, Exchange Program (1963, 1964)
Courses taught:
Russian language, history of Russian, structure of Russian, Russian phonetics, Russian dialectology, comparative Slavic linguistics, Old Russian, Old Church Slavic, Russian for teachers, language courses in Czech, Serbo-Croatian, and Polish, English as a second language, seminars on Russian rhyme, structure of Lithuanian, Meaning-Text lexicography, phonetics and intonation.